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Welcome to SUPERHOT VR! Super Hot VR is one of the Best VR Games. It combines a Strategy game with a FPS Game. ▻ Check out the Oculus Rift …


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  1. This used to be a good game. However, the publisher of this game decided to recently remove content from the game after advertising this content for years. This ruins the story line and limits the gameplay even further than it was already since it is a very short game. The developer decided that mass shooting other people is just fine but shooting yourself is bad so they deleted all of the scenes that thought were offensive. The problem is that If you bought this game on Steam for example, you are forced to have your content deleted or you can't play the game. This update did not fix bugs, balance gameplay, add new maps or weapons etc. instead the sole point of this update was to REMOVE content that we paid for 4 years after the fact.

    I recommend that everyone who bought this game takes a look at the recent reviews on Steam. I also think you make want to consider changing your review and or upvoting reviews that you agree with. For people that have not yet bought the game, you may want to consider passing on it unless the publisher gets their act together.

    This would be like if Mortal Kombat removed all of the fatalities after you bought the game and had advertised them or if Zoo Tycoon removed all the animals in cages or if you log into Call of Duty tomorrow and they removed all of the guns, knives, C4 etc. If they created a new game without these scenes that would be fine, but I feel we need to stand up for consumers rights and not let them delete content that we already paid for and that they advertised for years.

    So please head over to Steam and read through the recent reviews.

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