How virtual reality can improve your mental health | Matt Vogl | TEDxMileHigh

Right now, 80% of Americans with a mental illness don’t get adequate care for it. In this fascinating and hilarious talk, former professional juggler & stand-up …


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  1. what about the use of VR for non prisoners – those who are struggling with PTSD or other types of mental health concerns like depression? This would be a great way to help some of our young adults who are dealing with these types of concerns in record numbers – is this being explored?

  2. And I'm all for any type of treatment that doesn't involve medication because with meds you might get the desired effect but it seems like when it comes to meds they help you in one area but cause you problems in another, then they want to put you on another pill for the new problem which might help it but the cycle just repeats itself and causes yet another problem and continues until your a half dead zombie with 20 different meds…

  3. I actually thought about this about 8 years back when playing fallout new vegas, but my idea was for problems like agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder doing things as you would in your normal everyday life like talking to people, driving, going out to grab some food and other simple things that some of us have problems with. Basically pre exposure therapy followed by real exposure therapy.

  4. Great talk Matt! Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your story…your team is doing awesome work inventing new models for improving our mental health!

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