Top 10 Best VR Games of All Time

Top 10 Best VR Games of All Time

What VR Headset Has The Best Games? Find out on MojoPlays! There is no more emersive way to experience video games than …


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  1. Best ones I’ve tried: most standalone quest 2 titles best psvr versions: saints & sinners. Superhot. Best saber. Etc.

    then the battle royale & the 2 major modern middle eastern warfare ones… & a decent amount of others. I know the quest 2 could totally run Skyrim… it would be so much better on there. & obviously any PC VR games easily outclass both of these systems. Half life Alyx is probably the best experience for like a hardcore video game enthusiast from the 90s…. idk why alyx isn’t like in the top 2…. this is a weird ass list.

  2. i’ve played most of the games here and no offence to anyone that likes them (i do as well) but many of them just feel like tech demos. the only real VR games are Astro Bot, Saints and Sinners and Half Life Alyx (if there are any that don’t feel like a tech demo that i didn’t mention, please tell me)

  3. I'm seriously disappointed that Lone Echo didn't make this list and a wave shooter game where you shoot fruit did, the disrespect is beyond sad…..

  4. Where were games like Boneworks or Lone Echo? This doesn't even scrape the surface of VR games. Also, beatsaber may be extremely fun, but there's no way it wins out over Half Life: Alyx or Lone Echo.

  5. Kind of old video, but I’ve played almost all of these on this list, and really the only “great” ones here are Help Wanted and Beat Saber. The rest are fine, but you missed so many great games!

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