Top 15 Scary Encounters Caught on Dashcam

Top 15 Scary Encounters Caught on Dashcam

Narrated by Chills: ➡️CHILLS MIXTAPE: …


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  1. #14 I wouldn’t have stop either. You can’t see anything besides where the car’s light are hitting. Could’ve been a trap ? for all we know. ??‍♀️

  2. I see a video I like the look of and notice I didn't finish watching it. Curious as to why that is, I click it and 3 seconds later, it hits me. I couldn't bare to finish watching because this guy's voice makes me want to gouge my own eyes out. ?

  3. Once we were on a slightly busy highway and a HUGE truck started tail gaiting us. It was creepy as he was right on us. And because he was so big I started to freak out, about 5 minutes later he drives past us and nearly crushes a car on the side of the road. From what we know the police never caught him but many cars stopped and you could see them on their phones

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