Blackberry Porsche P'9981 – Most expensive phone?

Blackberry Porsche P'9981 - Most expensive phone?

RIM has launched the Porsche Designed P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry, a BlackBerry smartphone that has, unsurprisingly, been designed by Porsche.


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  1. People have to remember that there shouldnt any other comparisons to say iphone or samsung because blackberry is made for business purposes, not for taking selfies for instagram or going on snapchat or gaming, its for people who work for a living…….

  2. I once held an 18 karat white gold Vertu Signature Diamond phone (which has almost 1000 diamonds across the entire bezel) which was about €55,000. And there's much more expensive phones. So that is hardly the most expensive phone.

  3. The nexus 4 is faster than the iPhone 5 and loads applications faster (it has a quad core 1.5ghz cpu vs the iPhone's 1.3ghz dual core, it has 2gb of ram, vs the iPhone's 1gb of ram), and not to mention the nexus 4 has a better touch screen, with up to 10 fingers of input (just like your mother), it also never lags, and real men don't use iPhones, since iPhones are for little girls, midgets with small hands, and 13 year old kids like you.

  4. it has the best touchscreen, never lags, it's smooth as your mothers legs,and everything loads up instantly, not to mention all the sexy ladies that have the iPhone 5.

  5. yeah who in the world is going to pay $1000 dollars for a stupid Bold 9900 running old ass OS, not even BlackBerry 10 .. LOL let alone what ever happend to BlackBerry 8 and 9

  6. I suppose because Porsche have put their name to it and premium materials have been used for the chassis etc. It does seems very steep though! I wonder how many people have bought it. Thanks for your comment.

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