CAUTION!!!!!!!!! BIGGEST BITCOIN TRAP I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitcoin Price Analysis

CAUTION!!!!!!!!! BIGGEST BITCOIN TRAP I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitcoin Price Analysis

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach all time highs again and if …


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  1. Bitcoin is the future ,investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise
    Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  2. Hey love your content and have learned so much. Can you do a video on the alt coin market? It seems despite bitcoin dropping some of the alt coins are still going up and up. Doesn’t bitcoin usually control the whole market? I’m a bit confused by this. Thank you????

  3. <I respect your work mate, because you are pointing people in the right direction, this is the FOMO August for the incoming dip in September. It is manipulated but that can be a good thing if you understand it. We should all know that when these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines, when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened me. but all thanks to Expert Dan kris for his amazing skills for help me to earn 21BTC through trading chart. I believe we are in the spring phase

  4. Its looks to me that, the crash and the consolidations period just shook out the sellers, and the newbies. The marked looks pretty Hungary still for continuation of the bull run.

  5. <The global crypto market is moving between losses and gains on its neutral weekly outlook. If the whole market collapse, there is only one safe store of value left: Bitcoin. Now traders are eyeing key technical levels in bitcoin that could help assess the direction of trend for the cryptocurrency going forward but analysts say investors should brace for more volatility. Right now is a smart time to choose the right investment strategy that can reduce your risk and earn more. Don't let short-term price action freak you out, bitcoin trading is a lucrative opportunity as it leverages the market volatility, that is why it is always reasonable to trade with the guidance of an expert tradr. All thanks to exclusive signals from Mr. Nolan Bao to earn 14_BTC through trading ??

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