Smartphones That Changed Everything!

Smartphones That Changed Everything!

Here are some iconic smartphones which influence every other smartphone maker to adopt features and make the current smartphones better. #Most #Iconic …


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  1. When will Micromax, Karbonn & Lava improve ?
    Indian companies should give 30w / 33w charger in box with upcoming new 'Android 12' smartphones.
    4 gb / 128 gb – Rs 15,000
    6 gb / 128 gb – Rs 16,000

  2. You should’ve mentioned about iPhone X it made revolution of notch And bigger screen to body ratio . I know Essential ph1 was the first phone with notch but it never made made into most of the world and was popular

  3. Apple was really incredible in backs days under Steve Jobs he made a impact in the industry with his revolutionary changes but, now tim is just a business tycoon that yesterday's technology with tomorrow's price.

  4. some phones imo : )

    as of now punch hole type is adopted by almost every companies which was implemented on by s10 series with 18: 9 aspect ratio
    s3 – s4 to use oled panel and popularize it before that i think htc used oled but stopped using them
    htc m series i think m3 to use stereo speakers
    lg phones to use wide angle lens cameras
    and g7 and s10 to adopt 18:9 aspect ratio
    iphone 7 to use portrait feature on optical lens and using optical zoom lens (and popularizing removal of jack : (
    hwamei to use periscope lens
    then usage of glassback on iphone 4s
    iphone 3gs as in revolutionizing smartphones
    galaxy note seires to revolitionize big screen smartphones
    iphone 5 to use 1st 64 bit soc

    are the ones in my head that contributed to the growth of smartphone as whole

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