Tales of Arise – Before You Buy

Tales of Arise - Before You Buy

Tales of Arise (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is the latest game in the long running Tales franchise and it brings along a fresh new spin on things. How is …


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  1. I like scarlet nexus better because when hitting the enemy it feels like really hitting them. But this one the NPC just stand still like nothing happen

  2. hmm I used to love this type of battle system.. but now it doesn't appeal to me anymore.. dev shouldve remove the transition when making mob contact and fight it right away instead..

  3. Only ever played Tales of Berseria and absolutely loved the character and story, but disliked the combat system. Now this is more my kind of combat it seems, so the hope is for a good story and chars now.

  4. I’m a big fan of the Tales series but I’ve slowly stepped away from them due to the microtransactions becoming more and more ridiculous. What was once a big part of the charm in the series, is now mostly paid DLC. In Arise, we even have ads for DLC during the game and there are weapons and artes locked behind paywalls. Game looks excellent, but I cannot support these developer tactics on a $60 game.

  5. The past few titles have been hit or miss, but one thing that's always improving is the combat mechanics. The ways you can customize all your directional inputs alongside your abilities makes for some very flashy combos (especially so in Bersaria) so I'm looking forward to this.

  6. All the 'Tales' games are pretty good, this is the first one in the series that doesn't look like it's outdated graphically by a decade, though. Pumped to try this one out.

  7. I just wanna know one thing. What happens after the main story? Are we allowed to explore all the city and the world freely? Or are we kicked into a chapter select screen where you have to replay past missions to explore each part of the world? I don’t wanna buy it if it’s like FF7 remake where u don’t have freedom to explore post story

  8. What id like to know is for those of us who haven’t gotten a ps5 is the ps4 version worth it, does it cut back a bunch. Is it just better to wait for a ps5 to play it?

  9. Like a lot of people Tales of Symphonia was my first Tales game (and actually the first RPG I ever played) and I've loved the Tales series ever since. Any RPG that doesn't force grinding on me the player is something I can get behind, and the progression is pretty natural in Tales games. Symphonia oddly enough is one of the few RPGs I own that I have also actually finished (multiple times at that). Arise will be a purchase from me when I can justify the expense, at the very least its already on my wishlist.

  10. I love how Tales that I played have same skill title. It's interesting to me because everytime the characters shout the skill it's bringing back memory about the previous series.

  11. I watch a livestream of this game and there's so many things wrong with it, especially the uninspiring music that plays over and over. It gets boring, as there are virtually no battle music, unless you're fighting a boss or something (which is not exactly memorable). The expressions on the characters are…almost expressionless. The charm of previous Tales of series games are mostly wiped from this game. As someone who played Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia (and the sequel), Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, and Tales of Berseria, I was mostly disappointed with it. But the gameplay looks really exciting at least, but that's about it, but the soul of previous Tales of games are just… gone lol

  12. The only tales game I played is Tales if vesperia. I don't mind the cell shaded style they did in that game, but the art style in this game is a massive step up! Promising jrpg for me.

  13. I would be more excited about this, if not for all the DLC advertisements in-game, in the menus, at the camps, and the fact that a LOT of the DLC outfits have passive's and abilities locked behind them, some of which are crazy strong. I'll more than likely wait until it is heavily on sale myself.

  14. Thanks man, I was looking into this because I was fairly interested in the general vibes it was giving off, but I didn’t want to even start thinking about that “buy now” button until I saw some gameplay and non-sponsored talk.
    Great stuff. I’m probably gonna get this one once I finish my current game.

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