The Best VR headsets for 2021

The Best VR headsets for 2021

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  1. I'm curious…are the Valve Index controllers compatible with Vive Pro 2? The Index controllers are amazing and would prefer to use those compared to the Pro 2's controllers.

  2. I come back because i've been using Oculus' CV1 since i got it on launch back in 2015, and still think that holds the cake compared to the latest iterations.
    All in all, nothing worth upgrading at this point. I'll come back again in another 5 years.

  3. Oculus rift S is not working anymore and i have done so many things as recommended and still no solution as many people are facing the same peoblem, since they updated oculus app and its not recognized by PC ports anymore and the support are not putting any real efforts to fix that.

  4. I bought the Quest 2 pretty much on launch, bought the index pretty soon after. Don't get me wrong I love my quest 2 and that is what the Mrs uses. Its an awesome piece of kit and now with the new updates, it's brilliant. Doesn't have the same tracking as the index or others. But can't fault it for where it is at the moment, the Quest 2… Its awesome.

  5. Isnt it great when in the year 2021 proper publishing houses like Engadget still think its okay to make a list of "Best VR Headsets" without the reviewer actually having even the top 10 on hand or comparing them.

  6. But you can only play Firewall:Zero Hour on a Sony VR so every other VR unit is crap until you can.
    Remember Aim gun is only on Sony and it's a game changer for FPS, everything else is crap.

  7. great review,,,, except you don't mention the cost of PC needed to run the PC headsets,, $800..$1200 + headset

    the Oculus quest 2 is a self-contained,, $299 128GB & $399 256GB Headset,, (( YOU NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ))
    many of its games will run offline so it's truly self-contained

  8. very generic VR list reviewed, these have been looked at many times, more than a year back , where is the mention of reverb g2 , pimax etc, Theres alot more out there to consider

  9. I chose to give up and buy a Quest 2 when it relaunches. I saw the rumors that Valve is working on something similar but I don't think it's worth the wait at this point.

  10. The VP2 is pretty much the worst headset out interns of experience. It looks great on paper but it's a actually trash. Index is still better, G2 and Quest 2 are better for the price /performance. I'd money is no option Pimax 8kx is the best experience overall.

  11. I wouldn't recommend the G2 tbh. It only works with Windows 10 and above and can't be easily expanded in functionality like Steam VR's lighthouse system. Moreover, since WMR is part of the system itself, every single update, major or otherwise, has a chance of breaking the WMR software. The only solution if this happens is a clean reinstall of Windows. Also, the plastic peg that the strap is attached to on the controllers is just like the Gen1 WMR controllers, it snaps very easily and thus you cannot rely on it to save the controller or whatever the controller hits.

  12. I would love to go to quest two but refuse to get a Facebook account. I really hope somebody else comes up with a standalone VR headset for the rest of us

  13. lol, this is a 2020 list put out in 2021. anyways, frankly, never touch a headset without a wide range of IPD. No amount of amazingness will make up for a headset that won't work with the ipd of your eyes. Quest 1 was a go and the quest 2 was a turd because of this.

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