The Try Guys Try Virtual Reality

The Try Guys Try Virtual Reality

The Try Guys team up with Google to unveil a brand new virtual reality technology and have fun playing with Tilt Brush. Check out more awesome videos at …


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  1. This will help understand the anatomy class without smelling the body
    And geography and construction wow it helps a lot but cost is more important
    Let's see computers are also costly when invented let's hope it's will reduce the cost?

  2. Keith is so handsome…Keith was the first try guy I was attracted to…then Eugene became my biggest crush as is the case with many other men and women…I find Zach really cute…and Ned is the ultimate life partner goal with a beautiful face…my mom likes Ned the most…

  3. I’m bingewatching old try guys vids and I just realized that Eugene’s drawings of the other try guys are the onesies they wear at TGGT :0

  4. I've never tried VR, but I have the suspicion that 3D drawing may be a lot easier than 2D drawing because when you draw 2D, you're constantly trying to learn how to create a 3D illusion.

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