I COMPLETELY Disagree With BitBoy Crypto. Bitcoin Is NOT Going To $100,000 By Mid-October!

I COMPLETELY Disagree With BitBoy Crypto. Bitcoin Is NOT Going To $100,000 By Mid-October!

Ben Armstrong of the BitBoy Crypto channel is a good friend of our channel, but in this one area, I completely disagree with him. Let’s explain why.


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  1. I suppose it's TA vs 'in the know' – Ben seems to know 'people' – who knows? I think you both bring a balanced holistic view of crypto; love your channel J and BB's.

  2. Good on you for putting your foot down on this! Ben talks a lot, and he's loud, and people tend to listen to loud people. You're also loud, and you talk fast, which is probably why you're one of few people on "Around the Blockchain" that's able to challenge him.

  3. Ben just wants to keep his views up, so he can get paid for views. When you call Ben and his “sources” out for BS he will block you. Bitboy is full of himself

  4. With all respect I believe all crypto youtubers guess at everything and it sounds good or indifferent of each channel. That's why you all say do your own research and guess at what I think is good to bet (gamble) on. I enjoy your videos and entertainment.

  5. It will take another 9p days past Ben's projection. Somewhere after the first of the year. So, I agree more with
    your prediction. I like both of you guys. disagreement is good for analysis and seeking common ground.

  6. Meh I half-begrudgingly still play the game because anything is possible, but on the macro horizon the only thing I see, is that all the dominos are lined up for something that will make 2008 look like child's play.

  7. If Ben is correct, he will be elevated to Oracle godlike status. At that point he should begin a crypto newsletter advice insiders group.

  8. Bitboy is full of it. He tries to get one right so he can say he predicted it. First rule of investing is don’t predict. Run away from people like that. You can get rekt by listening to predictors

  9. Last week before the big drop I would have agreed with Ben but with the current situation and chart right now I don’t think we will get to 100k in 4 weeks. With the way Crypto is it could have gone to 100k though so I don’t think Ben was wrong, crypto can change at any second.

  10. Good points Jebb. But, I truly believe Bitcoin won't make it to 100K this cycle due to the fact that ALTs are eating up all money flowing into the market as a result of Bitcoin diminishing returns. Unless major adoption at large corporations lvl happen in the coming weeks, I feel we're headed for a bear winter (or rather lazy and stagnant market, at the very least) that could be shorter than previous cycles…. let's see.

  11. I believe with the supply shock of Bitcoin and the price seems to be stagnant, Bitcoin under valued, we should see a parabolic move to the upside soon what is your thoughts on that

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