Knockout City Review

Knockout City Review

Knockout City reviewed by Jarrett Green on PlayStation 5. Narrated by Casey Defrietas. Also available on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch. “Knockout City is one of …


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  1. free for twitch prime members, its an origin code. Sadly this will die. Its modeled like a F2P game, but it has a box price and players will respond by not playing it. Also having auto aim ruins the game if im being honest.

  2. Please everyone play this game! We need to keep a decent sized player count and I'd like to see this game played for a long time. Its so freakin fun!

  3. currently addicted to this game after a friend told me about it. decided to play it with her and 10/10 recommend. it’s been 24 hours and i’ve managed to reach level 30 lol

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