There are TONNES of NEW VR games coming SOON! // Oculus Quest, PC VR & PSVR

There are TONNES of NEW VR games coming SOON! // Oculus Quest, PC VR & PSVR

After a long period of very few new VR games we’re about to be hit with an avalanche of new VR games coming soon across Oculus Quest / Quest 2, PC VR …


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  1. Good list. Looking MOST forward to Lone Echo 2 because that is still up there in my top 5 ever VR experiences. After that maybe Legendary Tales.

    I am cautious of after the fall because Arizona Sunshine was incredibly non-accessible for no good reason. Like right off the bat they roll out a ball in the tutorial that was too close to the ground for me to reach (physical issues). Having a bit of magic fingers to reach things 1-2 feet from our hands was already super common back when that game launched but the devs just found no interest in adding that in. Not even in patches included with the DLCs released much later. Just frustrating. VR NEEDS to be as accessible as it can be if devs want it to get market share. Very annoying is that this is the kind of thing never included in reviews either, so I never know if I will be able to play a game until I pay for it. At least arizona sunshine I checked out on viveport infinity.

  2. For Real I can back up this sponsor. I've used their facial interfaces, elite strap back pads, controler Grips, and Cooling gel pads and holy wow has it helped my VR experience. 11/10 would recomend just buying through VR Covers Products. Great Company, Great Products. No I dont work for them or anything hahaha I just love what they've done for me.

  3. hey beardo, wait until you turn 70 its even more scary as i find now at this age gaming in general is so good especially vr, i just love it but as you stated time is going too fast. love your work mate please keep em coming. thanks

  4. Haven’t seen the video yet, but just wanted to give my appreciation for you and this channel. I subscribe to all kinds of VR content creators, but no one quite has your charm. It makes for a pleasant viewing experience. Thank you good sir for all that you do ??

  5. Welp seems like I'm going to have to start making vr games, it's very clear that everyone making vr games have drool catchers wrapped around their necks.

  6. For saints and sinners , if the would be multiplayer what would u want involved? For me it would be teaming up becoming friends, having a group. Coming out of multi-player talk, I want them to add cross overs from the original series where u can get quests from Rick and his group, and where u can fight with or without

  7. Probably most hyped for Saints and Sinners Aftershock. I have been waiting for it for so long and S&S is one of my fav VR games. Can't wait to get back into the world of The Walking Dead!

  8. ShadowGate, I loaded the 1987 original on Commodore Amiga via emulation. It’s a horrible text only ‘game’. At least it could launch from AmigaOS’s Workbench and used Amiga multitasking. The VR game looking good ??

  9. I got the VR Oasis edition Vr cover, mine just came in today. It's a massive difference. Now if only Beardo Benjo had his own version… Definitely a must buy. Not only cus its like having a pillow on your face with how comfortable it is, it actually makes the viewing better, cus it blocks all light from getting in. I noticed there's less glare. Also the foam can be taken off as its held on with Velcro and is easily cleaned because the front part is leather, plus they give you 2 pieces. 1 for comfort, and one for better FOV. The stock interface is crap. Itchy ass foam that absorbs sweat, gets hairs all in it that also itch, and it can't be cleaned, so sharing the headset is unhygienic. Sure they are now shipping them with silicone covers for the foam, but even then, it won't be as good as VR cover. I did get a free silicone cover from Vr cover with my purchase though. Also I didn't realize, but they include a cover for your lenses too, so its a bonus.

  10. None of those games look interesting enough to me, except Lone Echo 2, and maybe Resident Evil 4. I'm so glad that i'm not dependent on native VR games (ports and vorpX for me, baby!) or else i would've sold my Quest 2 long ago…

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