Virtual Reality Meets Real Life On The Oculus Quest 2!

Virtual Reality Meets Real Life On The Oculus Quest 2!

Today on BMF VR, Virtual Reality meets real life on the Oculus Quest 2 in the brand new Space Pirate Trainer DX update with Space Pirate Arena! Check out the …


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  1. I'd want a third person with us. That way they can keep an eye out on real-life changes (like people walking up or whatever) and help in case you are too close to something. Could swap out otherwise I am sure the third person would find the running around fairly silly. This looks super fun!

  2. The virtual environment is cool and all, but I think it would be a lot safer and more flexible to use AR. You could play anywhere, because you could see and avoid real world obstacles.

  3. If they start using AR with light sabers, laser tag, or any shooters it will be great because you can meet up in real environments. Literally just the augmented reality with light sabers in the same play space would be cool.

  4. does it calibrate the play area or just instruct you to start with like 8 meters apart ? ( they usually need markers so the headsets know how to align themselves to the play area )

  5. This would actually make it easier for an entrepreneur start a small VR business, rent a large room, and have people pay to play arena matches on provided/rented Quest 2’s. Dave and Busters, watch out!

  6. Hey guys! So, I try to set up my guardian. Start spraying the floor and reach a point where it doesn't let me draw any further in the direction I want. It only lets me in the oposite direction but that doesn't work for me…any ideas? Won't be able to try trainer dx because of this. Really frustrating. Thanks

  7. This was rather incredible to watch! I love that they made an experience like this. I understand not everyone will have the space for it, but those that do will have a blast with it!

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