Best VR Games 2021 [New & Upcoming]

Best VR Games 2021 [New & Upcoming]

Dust off your headset and get ready as this video is all about the new and upcoming VR games to play in 2020. Half Alyx came out last year and convinced all of …


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  1. I've considered simulating a Star Wars life in virtual reality — and I've tried it a few times in location-based arcades, with AR headsets, and on the Oculus Quest. Even Disney's real-life Galaxy's Edge experience has a virtual reality counterpart. It sounded like a Star Wars pinball game would be fun when I heard it was coming to VR. I wasn't expecting it to be so good.

  2. I am so goddamn sick of seeing beat saber, puzzles, and wave shooters. It’s setting the precedence of quality and purpose for everything. 1 of every 2 VR games could be a $0.99 mobile app.

    It insults our intelligence and even worse, allows devs to continue building ‘stupid’ games. Stop pumping out every idea possible and focus on true game development, for the love.

  3. my best vr game
    1. Fallout 4 VR
    2. The forest VR
    3. Halk life alyx
    4.KOBOLD Chapter I

    Google Earth VR
    VR chat
    Pavlov VR
    Kingspray Graffiti
    Epic Roller Coasters
    Waltz of the Wizard
    the lab
    CAPCOM GO! Apollo VR Planetarium
    Conscious Existence
    New Retro Arcade: Neon
    Boneworks VR

  4. VR is totally disappointing. The best game for VR is STILL Skyrim VR and that came out years ago! The graphics just aren't up to par with Half Life Alyx. I really wish there were more vr games giving us what we want. It's simple, an open world mmorpg with single player mode.

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