Deflation Is Coming. Will It KILL Bitcoin? (Bull Run Over?)

Deflation Is Coming. Will It KILL Bitcoin? (Bull Run Over?)

Inflation has been on everyone’s mind for the past several years and predictions of run away inflation happen every day. We’ve already seen inflation this year …


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  1. Really wish I had more money to risk on crypto and the knowledge/mentor to know how to trade etc. I’m just a small quivering fish not knowing what direction to go like Dory in Finding Nemo

  2. Deflation is the mortal enemy of the Federal Reserve which IS the true government of the United States. And any deflationary events will just give the Fed more reason to buy more debt and create more dollars creating even higher inflation. The dollar is simply an indicator versus other currencies but will still fall consistently over time causing a loss of purchasing power.

  3. Bitboy changes his narrative every other day. "Ada will go to 100$" becomes "ada will hit 30$ in 4 years" bull run ends in September, now it's later this year. This guy…

  4. lmfao buttboy has to be bipolar ! the amount of times you contradict urself is just madness! tom you will say hidden gem! hey so how kardia chain or cudos doin? your a paid sell out!!

  5. Everything you're saying could be true. Though, are you not basing the future of Bitcoin on it repeating a similar cycle like it's done in the past? What makes you think this time around won't be different? So many parameters and influences have changed, that could put Bitcoin on a different cycle. Adoption has skyrocketed and regulation has brought more clarity. I guess time will tell.

  6. Don't listen to bitboy he is out of his mind. Bitcoin will drop to 40k on the 16th-25th after that it will rise to its new all time high. It will hit 60k in mid October. The dxy will fall but that is good for crypto. The numbers dont lie. WAC ?

  7. Yeah, time to make a real change. Gov’t is lucky to have a role in things considering how they have been screwing the pooch for so long. Deflation, don’t see it happening ?

  8. Horseshit. Too much in the system and going to be exponentially more when this surges, they wont sell at a loss. That new floor will probably be about where we are right now or slightly higher, depending on how high a surge runs up too.

  9. How about an Iost update Ben
    Donnie Finance airdrop coming to Iost holder's on Binance in 17 days..
    Eyes On Don.. Q4 Asian Defi..
    Your thoughts on the would be great
    Nice update again.. Thanks

  10. First BTC to $100K and beyond, now we will have deflation and all crypto currencies will lose 80% of their value…. You gotta choose a side or stay on the sidelines

  11. Have you really thought this through? A lot of what you are saying doesn't make sense to me. Deflation occurs in a context of recession, depression or high productivity.
    I don't see the latter happening and no government is going to abide the former two. So they will do everything to pump the economy ie QE. I believe Japan is a classic model of what is a head: QE+ Recession = Stagflation!!!. The asset classes will continue to rocket including BTC, but people's pockets will be depressed in spite of the helicopter money.

  12. I’d like this Bull run to get on with it already. I’m tired of being crypto poor lol (when all your money is in crypto and you live on bare minimum lol)

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