Real Thoughts on Tech Leaks!

iPhone 14 was trending on Twitter last week. MKBHD Merch: Tech I’m using right now: Intro …


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  1. How hard can it be to leak iphone…it's not like they make much changes… Expect new chip…better camera and delete something like headphones and charging brick

  2. Well for me, leaks keep me on my toes, I’m always curious about what does Apple have up their sleeves. Leaks build hype, it’s free marketing and I think companies must just laugh at the leaks/renders. But hey who I am, I still have an iPhone 7 ? I have no business talking about iPhone 13’s and 14’s ?

  3. Bumpergate was hilarious. They gave all their staff these plastic bumpers to hide the new design out in the field. That meant that no one was touching the antenna sections during testing, which just so happened to be a major design flaw, unrealised until they were literally in the hands of consumers.

  4. It the same with movies. All this info comes out and all these trailers, some people pay attention to everything and watch all the trailers, a lot of the movie will be spoiled. Then you have the people who don’t pay attention to the leaks or trailers and are completely surprised by the movie. Just depends on which person you are.

  5. That’s what Steve Jobs was about. Original iPhone. MacBook Air in a folder. Since then agree with others here: cybertruck was the newest“one more thing” without being a leak.

  6. Leaks about latest developing game or what will be shown on the event, it really destroys the hype or vice versa. But leaks about hardware, not really. If it leaks early, I can already estimate, yes it's worth buying it, should wait for competition or similar. I don't really care about phone leaks. Buying a phone based on what am I going to use it for. Not buying latest flagship phone from company

  7. I miss the "One More Thing" Steve jobs moments but I feel like that type of big surprise in keynotes died around the same time Steve Jobs did 🙁

    Leaks are fun as hell though! However, at the same time, they can ruin a product. For example, iPhone was supposed to have smaller notches and reverse wireless charging so your phone could charge your airpods two generations ago

  8. To think Prosser’s work is merely entertainment with no influence would be wrong. Ask him about the pitchfork hoard looking out to lynch him after they sold their MacBook Pros thinking newer models would be launched at the last keynote.
    Any chance you could score a BTS interview with Apple on the creation of their keynotes?

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