Tales of Arise – Everything You Need to Know

Tales of Arise -  Everything You Need to Know

Tales of Arise is the latest entry of a beloved JRPG franchise that maintains the series’ iconic Linear Motion Battle System along with a ton of new features for …


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  1. Can anyone tell me if there's the "invert x-axis" option for PS4? Might end up buying anyway because it seems like a great game, but I'm so used to play with "invert x-axis" that it can be a deal-breaker for me :/

  2. Shionne’s perk isn’t the same as her Boost attack dude. Her perk is the bombs she throws and can shoot. You literally said the same exact thing twice about her. So much for “Everything you need to know”

  3. JRPG with english dub just feels…weird…especially when they're yelling skill names..

    Except persona series tho, the english dub is fantastic

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