a-ha – Under the Makeup – Virtual Reality (VR) 360 video

a-ha – Under the Makeup – Virtual Reality (VR) 360 video

Under the Makeup by a-ha, eternalized by Hydro in 360 virtual reality (VR). Aluminium company Hydro has eternalized a-ha through VR, recording the final leg …


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  1. " Under The Makeup ".( VR ) 360 Video ..Awesome Song; Awesome Band..It's Great To Have This Song And Other Perpetual And Great A-ha Songs In ( VR )..Great Song's..Awesome Voice..Awesome Band Can Transport Us To Another World . .As If We See The Picture Painted With The Words .. And Light Beam Picture In Our Minds ..It Goes Beyond Singing It Tells Us A Story..Listening To All Of A-ha Songs One Begins To Visualise The Songs..Pure A-ha Magic. .Thank You So Much A-ha For Bringing Sublime Spectrum Of Music Genres -To life Throughout This Amazing Concerts -Takk Sa Mye A-ha For A Bringe Sublime Spekter Av Musickksjangre Til Liv Giennom Denne Fantastike Koncerte . -It Has Been Most Amazing Music Journey. .You Brought So Much Joy To So Many Of Us -Der Har Vaert Mest Fantastike Musikk Journey. .You Brakt Sa Mye GledeTil Sa Mange Av Oss .Mr.Harket, Mr. Furuholmen & Mr.Waaktaar Thank You For All Those Live Amazing Concerts ..Best Wishes From London UK Tusen Takk …Norsk Hydro -Thank You So Much For Amazing A-ha VR Videos -Takk Sa Mye Til Fantastik VR Videoer !

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