Today I want to talk about SEC Chair Gary Gensler and discuss his senate meeting tomorrow. Is Gary a friend or foe of Bitcoin and Crypto? Earn 7.5% APY + …


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  2. The cats out the bag people how could anyone ever go back to fiat now its literally impossible, all they can do is slow it down while they accumulate.

  3. Thanks for your excellent videos…. However in this video you re missing 2 points
    major concern about défi lending and borrowing at rates in stable coins are in direct competition with the system and the FED monetary policy.
    What about all those upcoming overnight billionaires / compare to the covid and small businesses crisis this is political …

  4. Unfortunately all these people are beholden to traditional banking scam.
    Just look how big money are manipulating cryptos with ease. Cryptos will prevail eventually but first they all have to make sure that they get big chunk of that money coming in. They use straw argument for cryptos. They know it intimately because they did all those scams for decades. They just do not like when somebody would ran the scam on them.

  5. He just wants that everyone dumps BTC so his friends at Wallstreet can buy the dip.. It's a conspiracy.. Anyway the US has no authority over the crypto market, they can sue what they want, all crypto platforms will move out of the US. So end of their tyranny

  6. Thomas Jefferson had it right. He believed a central bank would undermine democracy. Fast forward to today and we have the unconstitutional Federal Reserve controlling the market by propping up Wall Street, bailing out corporations, directly controlling the bond market; increasing the wealth gap. What happened to a “free market”? Crypto! We finally have a REAL free market and look what they are doing! We have to stop them! For DEMOCRACY! For FREEDOM! For the PEOPLE!

  7. Friend or Foe? Gensler is a puppet and does what he's told. Anyone who believes a corrupt administration like this will do anything to benefit We the Peons is delusional.

  8. Respect to gensler
    He’s a smart man and I’ve been through all his MIT videos and he has a strong mind
    I honestly think regulation is the way to go in the big picture
    We all wish for the Wild West gold rush days so giver get it while you can mho

  9. It's all a show. Senators grill Gensler for not regulating. Gensler says he doesn't have so and so laws in place. Senate goes and instills thosr laws

  10. Forget the SEC in the government the United States wants to rip its citizens off El Salvador's doing no capital gain tax and helping their citizens our any one of these regulators and United States and politicians to keep going against crypto is going to lose their career how about that we're not green to nothing with the SEC or the government they can eat frank

  11. Stop saying that ETH has been deemed not to be a security by the SEC. The former Director of corporate finance, Wiliam Hinman has stated under oath that what was stated in the speech in 2018 was his personal opinion, not the views of the SEC.

  12. Hey george of the nearly 12000 cryptos, wouldn't that keep the sec busy and weed out some of the bad players so we don't have to? not to mention big money feeling more comfortable jumping into the space

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