Top 15 PC VR Games

Top 15 PC VR Games

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  1. PINNED COMMENT: Keep in mind that some of these games are Oculus store exclusive. However, with third party software (ReVive) you can play these games on other headsets as well.

  2. Got the Vive a couple years ago. Truly mind blowing. Did it for the kiddos but they didn’t respect the product so I shelfed it. It was $1200 so ya get bent kids. I secretly use it after they go to bed.

  3. There are some great games missing in this list 1) Ghost of tsushima 2) cyberpunk 2077 3) mortal Kombat ultimate 4) Assassin's Creed valhalla- 5) Assassin's Creed Orgins-6) street fighter V 7) Tekken 7 8) Resident evil 2 VR. 9) star Wars Battlefront 1& 2 10) Steep- 11) mortal Kombat XL .. there are also some good games he named like Watchdogs, GTA V, southpark, God of war, Red dead redemeption, Marvel spiderman, Batman Arkham knight, tombraider, spyro, crash bandacut, shadow of mordor, Assassin's Creed blackflag, uncharted the Lost legacy.. but some other games like unravel shouldn't be on this list.. instead there are some good VR games like Star Wars squadrons, ironman VR, walking dead, Resident evil 2, until dawn rush of Blood, wipeout omega, no Mans Sky, VR experience. Also i like some games that remind me of my childhood like Dbz xenoverse ps4, the sims ps4, vice city ps2, Tony Hawk ps2, coolborders 4 ps2, or really old school games on my super Nintendo like supermario world, mortal Kombat, mortal Kombat 2, and street fighter 2. Anyway my top 3 ps4 games are Ghost of tsushima, cyberpunk 2077, mortal Kombat 11 ultimate.

  4. Sorry for the long comment, but I have to say a few things.

    First off the fear of heights or Acrophobia is the Fear Of Heigts whereas Basophobia or Basiphobia is the Fear Of Falling, so just be sure to use the correct phobia name that best describes the fear, I certainly have both, alongside Claustrophobia.

    Secondly, I have Acrophobia and Basophobia to a very extreme extent, so yes that first game would definately, absoloutely, positively cause me to freeze and become paralyzed to the litteral point where I could panic at any second, this is always tested on anything that is at a height where death from falling or crashing(if your on a plane) is a very real possibiliy, and yes to you reading, yes I have been on planes, and even had the chance to fly a jumbo jet in the same simulators pilots use to train, I kid you not.

    And yes, I very much so was paralysed before even entering the planes I did, for me it's not safety or the fact that there is a floor beneath me that is the trigger, the trigger lies in the fact that I know I am at a height where falling or crashing WILL result in death, plus it does not help that as a kid I watched the TV documentary show Air Crash Investigation religiously as a child, and to add insult to injury, as a bit of a physics nut, and having a rudimentary understanding of physics, I know all too well about gravity, and how quickly something falls is largely dependent on the mass of the object, and jumbo jets being the big mass they are, should a malfunction occur within the engines, then the plane will certainly fall by merit of its mass and gravities effect on a object of great mass.

    But yes, I agree with the Creator of this video, for someone like me, that first game would certainly not be something that I would be keen to get my mitts on.

  5. Its too bad that oculus games aren't available to the general public, but there is so much good stuff on Steam that I guess it doesn't really matter.

  6. Ive barely played any vr maybe 100 hours but playing the climb and roller coaster games etc are so boring now, they lose their thrill once you become used to vr. I can look down in the climb and fall all I want and it just feels like a nuisance more than a thrill

  7. quest 2 user here without a gaming pc watching this video like a dog looking through the butchers shop window.
    but this will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

  8. i cant believe dirt rally 2.0 isnt there its literally the best feeling game and if you have a wheel like me you actually feel like a rally driver and its soooooooooo fun

  9. BattleGroupVR, though to be fair it doesn't seem it was yet released when you made this video. And it's still in Early Access, for that matter, but still ridiculously awesome as it is.

    It's literally the Wargame part of Ender's Game, or perhaps Homeworld, in VR. Quite possibly the best RTS/not-first-person game currently available, in my opinion.

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