Giveaway! Ark’s Cathie Wood predicts Bitcoin will reach $500000 by 2026. She also strongly believes in Ethereum, especially after the …


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  1. There’s a ‘Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto space’ race taking place……?……?

    Which countries will achieve ‘moon landing’ first. The ‘West’ or the ‘East’.

  2. Gensler doesn’t have a clue. He thinks that because you put a stable coin on an exchange for custody to gain interest that it makes it a security. By that standard gold and other commodities should be called a security.

  3. Your dead on brother. It is sad how these prolific influencers and elected officials got elected in the first place. I am ashamed and embarrassed for our country at times when this ignorance continues.

  4. Investing in Bitcoin now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current price

    Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

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  6. Dumbass people saying a distributed ledger accounting nerworks have no entrinsic value… ITS A FKN COMPUTER NETWORK ACCESS SYSTEM, OFC IT HAS VALUE AS LONG AS THERE ARE PEOPLE RUNNING THE NETWORK, DOES SWIFT AND ACH HAVE VALUE???

  7. ???please make a show on how to start with just 1000 euros, because there is a lot of people here with not to much money to start. what would you do??? ???

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