iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Reacting to the iPhone 13 lineup and everything new announced today. That pillow! http://shop.MKBHD.com 0:00 Intro 0:52 New $329 iPad 1:39 The iPad mini …


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  1. I went from an iPhone x to a Samsung galaxy S21 ultra. After using the Samsung, I was REALLY able to tell the difference between the S21 ultra refresh rate and the iPhone x refresh rate. It's like night and day for me. I'm sure other people would say the same.

  2. They mentioned and compared a lot with "the competition" this time. Apple usually doesn't even pretend to acknowledge their competition, but this time, they've realized that people are becoming more tech-aware.

  3. 120hz on a phone? Jesus Christ I need that shit in my life. Still have my same iPhone X that is horribly cracked in the back I need to upgrade now lol

  4. what caught my attention watching the presentation is the speed bump of a15 compare to a14 is i think is very negligible. so the say X percent better than the competition instead of the previous gen that they always do.

  5. Bu…bu…but its a new iPhone, we are supposed to get the new iPhone every year, ri…right?

    Tim cook even said it was the best iPhone ever, right

    That statement’s gotta be useful right ?
    I don’t think he was lying

  6. I am considering getting the iphone 13 pro been wanting to try out iOS for a while but with my current smartphone having 90 hz i just didn't feel the 60 Hz so decided to wait until this announcement, seems like the right time now just waiting for reviews to come out now

  7. What kind of tec would you recomend for elderly people. Im looking for a tablet and a smartphone for my grandparekts wich should be easy to handle and userfriednly. Should I go with Android or should I invest more money into Apple-prducts for them?

  8. Apple have always held back features year on year with a roadmap to extract the most amount of money from their devoted followers. It's sad people don't see that and call them out more often for it. I guess I'm just used to Android manufacturers actually innovating and putting the very best of currently available technology into phones.

  9. mkbhd : i m planning on doing hands on of everything that i talk on in this video
    Have you ever ignored any apple products tho… either its useful or completely useless product,.. you will eventually make the video of it because its apple product and you like every one of them

  10. To be quite honest: Apple can not do without you ! I didn't understand a thing of their rather theatre show , sorry for Apple , but he, I do not follow them on a daily basis…. Thanks to you and this vid I actually understand it. Well done to you Marqee !!

  11. Nothing in this phone justify price .. total bs nowadays phone upgrade are very small you'll never notice in real life unless tech tuber tells you numbers .. and price hiking like they discover something new in phones and that big notch in iphone after spending this much. they should provide us full display at this price point but no tech tuber will criticise them coz all about money nowadays

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