iPhone 7: Everything we know right now round up [EP 2 – 08 June]

iPhone 7: Everything we know right now round up [EP 2 - 08 June]

With WWDC just around the corner, we thought it was about time that we look through the most up to date news and rumours for Apple’s future iPhone 7.


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  1. I will not buy it if they get rid of the headphone jack. Bluetooth is not super reliable. The AirDrop from my phone to my Mac doesn't always work. It frustrates me soooooo much. Hope Apple gives me a good reason to upgrade. They have not innovated in quite some time. It's like the same phone with a new #.

  2. Apple will need a miracle to catch up with the likes of Samsung. Same old crap over and over again with each new model. Awful cameras, audio, on-screen keyboard, storage capacity, battery life and pricing are my main gripes. Then iTunes and the management of music on Apple products is a pain in the butt. Siri is about the only thing that keeps me buying Apple phones, but I can learn to live without it.

  3. android system with iOS and 4k screen, home button on the screen,dual rear camera to make it real better picture and make the body maybe from glass and metal

  4. the smart connector could be used for lots of cool things? what if u could buy a case with extra speakers, or a better camera, or battery, what about all of that on one case? could it have expandable storage through the connector?

  5. I currently have the iPhone 6s in silver and I really want Apple to make Gold and Black an option. Black front with gold back would look sick. They already have this combo on the Gold Apple Watch and I would definitely get this color option if they made it

  6. While I don't particularly mind losing the headphone jack, I don't think they need to make the iPhone any thinner than it is! It's ridiculously thin already! I'd rather they use any extra space to squeeze in a tiny bit more Battery size.

  7. Jump up the resolution in the resolution. I don't want the home button to be dropped from the iPhone not now or in the future. Back to the topic, the iPhone 7 if the leaks are legit is looking ugly.

  8. @techradar you didnt even talk about the iphone 7plus model???? Its gonna have dual cameras and a smart connect. Not the reg iphone 7. U guys lost me with that video. Made no sense.

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