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  1. Defense is way better and you actually have to work to get open shots. The paint is dangerous you’ll most likely get swatted 9 times out of 10 if you drive it in.

    Shots are easier to make, if your open your going to make it- whereas in 21 even if your wide open if your not greening a shot or shooting with Steph it’s going to be a brick

  2. It costs over $100 worth of VC to get a MyPlayer to an 85 overall. The micro transactions get worse every year and it’s not being talked about like other games.

  3. This review was lackluster…

    …nothing was said about anything next-gen… and what about the new team PA announcers adding a real nice touch to the atmosphere. ??‍♂️

  4. They really need to take a card out of boxing’s hands here, and have a game like ESBC be developed over a couple years so that it’s actually a great new experience

  5. he really complained about skateboard physics and didn't talk about pro-am or rec or how the new matchmaking 3v3s really improved the quality of life for the game….nope buggy skateboard physics

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