Why Virtual Reality Is STRUGGLING

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  1. A little disappointed and dissatisfied with the thumbnail click bait and confused because VR is not struggling not even close its thriving its new its Innovative and people are buying VRs all over the place

  2. I have never tried vr but I don't think I would in joye it I have disability and it would be really hard for me to get into a few things scar like dinosaurs and stuff I like jumanji I know vr version of it but I live in Australia so could not go and try it but other than that it would be hard for me to handle virtual reality

  3. I have always been a gamer and I embraced VR when it came out and am actually surprised it didn't catch on bigger? Of course I will always be a HUGE PC gamer, I like the change, the 3D movies, and the different change of scenery.. The lack of games is probably my biggest issue….

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