Xiaomi 11T Pro INSANE Charge Speed…

Unboxing the new Xiaomi 11T Pro and checking out the 120W fast charging. Sponsored by Xiaomi. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter …


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  1. just really hope on the 5 lucky winners.. i always dreaming to have a new smartphone but i can't afford to buy. hopefully on my birthday i wil receive a unforgettable present..

  2. When at home, in Canada, i never heared of Xiaomi, and probably no one else did either. But now I have been trapped in the philippines because of the pandemic. Yup there are a lot of phones here. Xiaomi became a mover here about 2 years ago and has been moving forward aggressively ever since. They are certainly a company that the legacy phone makers should take notice of. There pricing is great, innovation is first rate , and over all quality superb. A number one choice for a lot of people.

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