Oculus Rift + Logitech G920 + Assetto Corsa = One of the coolest gaming experiences I have ever had. This is an entirely new level of playing video games.


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  1. Its nice after all and fun but seems it was only 60hz and the shaking u k cause the vr its heavy on eyes maybe they will figure out some thing other for more better experince

  2. Honestly I hate racing games unless I'm barely paying attention and playing. But playing this in VR is something truly magical. It's the feeling the first time you went to Disneyland as a kid. It's just insane.

  3. A little salty casue I was like YA after seeing this and then after getting it all and playing was like what the nuts! This is the single most frustrating thing I have ever done while trying to have fun! If I was a streamer I would show the good and the bad not just the good thanks for the lesson Brothgar

  4. Its trash on VR totally leave out the fact you have to take off your head set when not in a race. Thats right the menus are not in VR so you have to always take off your head set to do anything outside of the race. This may not be a problem for men with short hair but women and guys with long hair have to readjust every damn time. AC blows on VR, the best VR racing experience I have had comes from Dirt 2.0. No hassle no fuss just plug and play with no readjusting of the headset every 20 min.

  5. this was the same reaction I had when i played the shittest racing VR game on steam, and without a steerign wheel. One of the best experiences of my life for sure.

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