Impractical Jokers – Sal's Virtual Reality Hell (Punishment) | truTV

Sal is forced to play a frightening virtual reality game. When the goggles come off, he’s still in the game. Subscribe to truTV on YouTube: …


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  1. Sal was sent to prison and sentenced to death by lethal injection after brutally murdering two young girls that jumpscared him and made fun of his age making him tonight's biggest loser!

  2. I like the show very much but in this video they try too hard to convince people that he's scared, don't treat us like we're stupid. Who would get scared from this crap, the guy who knows it's a prank, especially after he took the headset off he kept overacting.. come on.. I always thought that the other three are trying too hard in punishments to laugh, and now i'll probably watch their other stuff with a bit of suspicion

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