Walking through space in NASA’s Virtual Reality Lab

Walking through space in NASA’s Virtual Reality Lab

In the second episode of Space Craft, Loren Grush learns how NASA trains its astronauts before sending them to space. Simulating the space environment …


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  1. What's the point of testing a vehicle designed for terrain which it will never be on??? Isn't it better to use the money to test how food helps starving children!!!!????

  2. I can't help but feel like there's a whole generation of people playing games that would find both the SAFER and rover systems intuitive. It's nice to imagine that the industry i'm in might be part in teaching people things that will be useful in the future.

  3. in an absolute worst case there are most likely several ways to retrieve a lost astronaut, including moving the entire station to get them. it's only a metre or two of relative velocity.

  4. I understand it's simulation and science more important than pretty graphics but why those simulators can't have more realistic graphics instead of makings astronauts train in the environment which look like from year 2000….. NASA can't afford graphics cards?
    Otherwise great series love it!^^

  5. btw, i would like to know more about the hardware they used there. Like tell us about the (special looking) VR headset they use, about your controllers, about how they manage to make you not very nauseous when you do rolls etc, like do they have a GVS system or what do they do in hardware or software etc.

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