Damwon vs. G2 Worlds Semifinals Preview | ESPN Esports

Damwon vs. G2 Worlds Semifinals Preview | ESPN Esports

Tyler Erzberger and Arda Ocal break down what to expect from the first semifinals match of Worlds 2020: G2 Esports vs. Damwon Gaming. Which team will come …


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  1. u compare caps coldchest with faker, come on when he has 3 worlds u can say hes the best midlaner and best team and when europe has 9 years winning worlds u can say they are better region u trashtalk faker in the pre game video how dare u he is the "ronaldinho" of league of legends he already is a champion and deserve respect if he still enjoy the game and show lol of quality u make fun of faker quiyana guess what caps akali was trolling camping in a bush to die learn some humilty europeans trashtalkers asia has been dominating without making fun of other regions

  2. At least some humility taught to G2 by none other than a korean team which were the center of G2 insulting statements all this time.
    While Koreans everytime they were ask about G2 they always had something positive to say about then eventhough we all know G2 only show lack of steadiness throughout this tournament looking mostly luck at some extend. So congratulations G2 you just gain the ability of any NA team of all barking but no biting and a well deserve shut up!! from a humble team that show you how to play with your fingers and brain without trashtalking!!

  3. If dwg plays how they want they will win.
    If g2 plays how they want to they will win.
    If Wunder has a good performance, g2 chances of winning go way higher.
    Some wisdom in this preview

  4. The east win because of their analysts. They adapt. Showmaker will be practicing all counter champs to caps. Caps will turn up with the same pool because they beleive it is deep enough

  5. After seeing the semi teaser i really feel like G2 has the mental edge here. In Capses eyes and speech there was determination in showmakers there was desire for revenge. One boosts u the other kills your calmness and makes you overagressive

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