Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera explained

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera explained

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung smartphone with dual cameras and the world’s first smartphone to pack OIS in both lenses. The Dual Pixel …


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  1. Can anyone tell me how I can find on my note 8 camera like on the video showing "Pro, Panorama,slow motion, Food, and so on please???? I still confused how to get that like on the video

  2. IMPORTANT, please clarify
    I have note 5 and wanted to upgrade to 8 but i noticed the selfie camera sucks as because it is too close to you and could only shoot less width!! So form the same camera distance you can fit 5-6 people in your selfie with N5 but only 3 with N8!!! Is there any solution or setting for that issue that I am not aware of or it is indeed a major fault ? Thanks

  3. when i switch to my front camera it write failed and close the app. i have to reset all the setting to get the back camera on , but again when i try any time the front cam. it never work – my mobile is a week old and not been used much pls help me

  4. Note 8 camera sucks vs note 5. The note 8 tries to hard to take the photo the second you touch the button leaving photos blurry constantly. The note 5 takes 3 seconds or so to take the photo but it focuses and takes a great shot. In low light the note 8 literally lights up the flash for 3 or 4 seconds and then the light turns off when it takes the shot

  5. Hello, do you know please if we can change bitrate of video before filming ? I don't see such information anywhere…..and it is important for quality of video

  6. Can you please explain how you do a dual capture telephoto and and wide angle shot at the same time. Samsung can't and I can not find any information about this feature thanks

  7. It's not a zoom lens! Why is every one saying this?? It has two lenses which are prime lenses, you cannot zoom them. A zoom lenses enables you to use every focal length between X ~ Y….for example, a 24-70mm. But if you have 2 prime lenses, 24mm and 50mm for example they are the only focal lengths you can shoot with. This phone does not have optical zoom.

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