Star Wars: Visions Review

Star Wars: Visions Review

All nine episodes of Star Wars: Visions debut on Disney+ on Sept. 22. Spoiler-free review by Julia Rago. Star Wars: Visions is an action-packed jaunt through …


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  1. Starwars Visions dropping ALL 9 episodes tonight at midnight PST. Each episode ranging 13- 22mins.

    Total time: 2hrs 30min.

    Lord help me to stay awake cause that's WAAAAY past my bedtime. 😭😂

  2. Japan makes decent animation but their stories are terrible. Shouldve let the guys that made the castlevania or witcher animation handle it

  3. I’ve been trying to get my family into anime forever.

    They’re all big star wars fans tho so this might be the perfect catalyst for them to get into anime.

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