Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

A bigger world, higher stakes, and an unexpected spin on Lara Croft’s character make Shadow of the Tomb Raider the most ambitious in the modern trilogy.


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  1. I’ve played every tomb raider an this one ain’t it. They dropped the ball on this one idc what any review says this one was garbage.

  2. Walmart version of Uncharted 4, do not buy this garbage, the story is boring, the voice acting is horrendous, the gameplay mechanics are outdated, facial animations are dull. Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2013 are way better but none of these games even come close to the masterpiece that is Uncharted 4 which has incredible story and satisfying gameplay and insane set pieces, it even has a great multiplayer mode and it's still active after 5 years!

  3. The only real issue I have with these games is that it might as well be a on rails shooter. Everything is way too laid out and easy to follow, but then again, so are most games nowadays.

  4. I absolutely loved this whole trilogy (the first from 2013 being my favourite ☺️). I liked this installment too but it could do without the attempt at RPG with all the side requests 😑 it totally took the flow out of the main story line for me. I guess you could completely ignore them and come back to them later after finishing the game 🤷‍♀️ Also I liked the more simplistic upgrade/skills system from the 1st game so much better.

  5. This has to be one of the best game in the series. You can actually feel that Lara is growing into something you're expecting for her to be. This game may not be as rewarding as the first and the 2nd installment but boi those recipes and skills were worth the shot. Something reminds me of a movie quote in the last Indiana Jones movie "the greatest treasure is not a thing but knowledge itself." Couldn't agree more to this quote. It's actually life changing 😁

  6. Best in the trilogy in my opinnion. Only thing I dont like is that annoying focus woosh mode where it highlights important objects and items. Overall one of my top favs of last generation.

  7. The Tombs and Crypts are challenging, but the rewards are crap. The characterization for Lara feels better than in Rise, but that's probably because she's focusing on that Box macguffin instead of her daddy issues. Also, Jonah gets a love interest and damnit, he TOTALLY deserves it after dealing with Lara's adventures.

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