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  1. i should watch this video before i buy a cheap drone. long story short is was a big disappointed and it broke under 15 min plus it didn't give me the option to connect the camera. at least i got a refund

  2. Looks like this video was done by DJI, only showing all DJI models only and one cheap one , this video only left out about 40 plus drones on the market ! Good try DJI

  3. The camera system sucks on the mavericks compared to what the phantoms where like. Why did they downgrade the camera!!

  4. You say the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is under $2k but the price in Amazon UK is £2,448.00. Why is it that the UK always wants to win the world competition of unaffordability. Are they already compensating for the asinine mess of Brexit?

  5. You're not allowed to fly a drone in Canada 🤣🤣🤣 the most free🤣🤣🤣dom country… you're allowed to fly some drones in specific areas, otherwise you can face charges up to $10.000 this is your fu…ing freedom 😉 nice video, by the way.

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