CNBC Analyst Can't Stop LAUGHING at Bitcoin [FLASHBACK]

CNBC Analyst Can't Stop LAUGHING at Bitcoin [FLASHBACK]

In this flashback video, take a look at Bitcoin below $20000 and this CNBC analyst that can’t stop laughing. ✓Buy and Trade 300+ Crypto on Kucoin: …


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  3. I guess this is why I never watch CNBC, their level of ignorance is painful.

    Even if you take crypto out of the equation, saying how can a piece of code be worth so much has lived under a rock for 40 or so years.

  4. I think there was nothing wrong with Ford’s answer. He literally said he didn’t know or understand and to be cautious. So it’s not like he was throwing shade at BTC.

  5. Besides EGLD I have RAINI, still low market cap, building an NFT supercharged DEFI and gaming universe! Supported by Rarestone Capital. Have a look!!!!

  6. What an arrogant fool 😅 his entire body language is so ridicules self confident. I wish someone would show this clip to him now so he can see for himself how stupid he looks

  7. To be fair John gave pretty good advice , if you dont know what your doing be careful … I mean not exactly ripping BTC apart lol the last guy was worse

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