iPhone 11 Review: Too Easy!

iPhone 11 is… the iPhone most people should buy. Obviously. iPhone 11 Pro Review: https://youtu.be/DyX-QZZBgpw iPhone 11 skins: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I know the iphone 13 is coming out this month but I'm getting the iphone 11 soon and I'm 13 playing for it all my self and I'm so excited I just need to save up a little more

  2. Just upgraded from 6s Plus to 11 three days ago.😍 Man, I love it! Perfect timing indeed since I made a purchase just in time the iPhone 13 made a debut. Got mine on a price similar to what the XR was last week.

  3. Bought an 11 just yesterday. $499. From their website. They are allowing people to rob them. Also you said 64gb should be upgraded from. Honestly i'm upgrading from a Asus Z00ed for 6 years. I have always had under 10gb of storage this upgrade is over 6 times better. Everything is worse on my current phone. Can't wait for it to arrive.

  4. I have an iPhone 5 that was my dads then he gave it to me when I was about 13 now I'm getting a iPhone 11 I'm really exited because it will be a massive upgrade. Thank you for reviewing and talking about this iPhone.

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