iPhone SE: A 4-inch throwback with 21st century specs

iPhone SE: A 4-inch throwback with 21st century specs

The new iPhone is here -The iPhone SE. It is identical to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone it is replacing. That means a premium metal body, a physical home key with …


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  1. I guessing many people can buy iPhone SE because of the screen size. Personally I bought one for myself alter my blackberry classic. Major reason why is obviously the 4" display and old school design. Just love it! Apple is smart. After 2 years break with Apple. I am able to back. Finally got what some people's asked…..give us and keep four inch Apple like before. Price…..acceptable. My new iPhone SE 64 Gb rose gold coming.

  2. it is just like adding a little salt n pepper to the same meal which is already there on your table…!!! now, if it becomes more tastier, does that mean, that, you are gonna be having an amazing cuisine which is out of this world? NO!!! it is the same food that you've been having for years ! come on! Don't be an iphone slave!

  3. We need to get Steve Jobs DNA and clone him back to life. Apple innovation is no longer trend setting. They just re-hash old products with bits of new unimportant software features.

  4. Why are people so mad? I guess it isn't the best but what did you expect? Especially because they've already got the iPhone 7 coming out months away. If you prefer Android, go and use android, that's your business and stop making immature comments

  5. You say it has all the power of the 6s etc, but no info about the RAM, some sites say 1gb, others no info, others maybe 2gb but no confirmation, if it will be only 1gb then all this slogan that apple says the power of 6s into this smaller then goes to the water, yes might be same cpu but other specs also matter. Hopefully will be 2gb

  6. The iPhone SE is gonna sell and force Android OEMs into a rethink. As you currently can't get a 4 inch Android alternative. With that being said although I'm thrilled for those who still use a 5s that they have a compelling upgrade in the iPhone SE, I wouldn't buy one as I'm happy with my 6s+ and I'm never going back to that tiny screen size.

  7. They typically forgot the z compact series of sony
    The z1compqct, z3 compact and z5 compact , each of these have essentially the same hardware in terms of processor, camera, but scren size being 4.3", 4.5",4.7" respectively. Also sony has provided the latest build of android for these devices d

  8. Tech Radar are absolutely appalling, completely biased towards Apple. Technically the first iPhone has "21st century specs", and android doesn't have a small compact high end phone? One Plus X, Xperia Compact. Gareth Beavis needs to find a new job

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