The RLCS 9 Off-Season is Officially Over! ESPN Esports Rocket League Invitational Recap

The RLCS 9 Off-Season is Officially Over! ESPN Esports Rocket League Invitational Recap

Lawler recaps the ESPN Esports Rocket League Invitational, as well as details whats coming up next on the channel. ESPN Esports Rocket League Invitational …


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  1. The immaturity will slow the development of rocket league as a whole getting that recognition we all want as a sport like football, baseball, basketball, or soccer. You're right, I wouldn't be surprised if espn decides not to deal with that.

  2. Awesome tournament! Though I was disappointed a bit with the production value. Overlays were a bit basic, and didn't really feel like such a high prize-pool tournament in that sense. Matches themselves were fantastic though.

  3. Nrg are so good because they can do anything from anywhere the 3 mechanical players is really working because they can do absolutely anything in the air or ground it’s kinda like c9 in season 6 when they won they used their mechanics to there advantage but players did adapt and will probably adapt sooner or later

  4. Hey Lawler, I know you can’t say what PK’s exact plans are for signing a new team, but when would you expect them to announce their new team before qualifiers?

  5. I can agree to counting goal differential before game differential, but it HAS to be differential! Putting up goals for as a tiebreaker is hillariously stupid, as having a close game of 3-2 in a best of 5 can easily outclass a 3-0 rollover in terms of goals scored. It's totally insane. It would not have mattered here, but it easily could have. What is best: 3-0 : 3-0 : 3-0, or 3-2 : 1-9 : 2-1 : 1-7 : 3-2 ? In this format, it is the latter, and it's rediculous!

  6. As far as the goals-for tiebreaker, SSG lost the 1st seed. Under a normal system SSG gets the 1st seed from the head 2 head win against Envy. So the tiebreaker did have an impact in this case. Not that players should be rude about it, like you said the rules were made clear to them, but I think people have a right argue against using it in the future.

  7. hey lawler, how can people step up against racism and hate speech in the rl community? it really shocked me when i noticed it even in the chats of "official" twitch channels, such as TheRocketRB. the mods did nothing about it and even participated.

  8. G2 deserved to get last regardless but I still believe that goals for is a stupid way to determine tiebreakers. Game differental, h2h, game differential between tied teams (as beyond h2h it would have to be 3 way tie), goal differential, record against #1 team, #2, and so on.

  9. I specifically remember a conversation during the C, J, and CJ show where they were talking about not caring about community tournaments since it had nothing to do with winning a world championship. Seems like Jahzo and G2 still feel that way and haven't even really tried this off season. If you want to be considered the best, be like Magnus Carlsen in chess and just go win all the tournaments and prove you are actually the best instead of only showing up when the title of world champ happens to be on the line. As a G2 fan, I just cheered for other teams this off season. Hopefully they find motivation again. I'll cheer to a bad team that tries, but I give up being a fan when they stop trying.

  10. Funny thing is they don't even do soccer/football using goals for they use goal differential (goals for minus goals against) this would have at least taken away the advantage to winning in 5 instead of sweeping.

  11. I really hated how game 6 ended off a boomer clear, but it was still a great match. Rogue did all they could but squishy on defense was just frustrating.

  12. I’m sorry but why won’t anyone talk about Torment. Are we watching the same team here? Because Torment has been underwhelming since just after RLCS Season 6 and nobody talks about it

  13. I love the vid as always, wished Rogue won it all but it was a good fight.

    I have a (potentially really dumb) question for you knowing what goes on in production: but from you point of view how bad is it people spamming drop comments and have there ever been discussions on how to minimize it? I get that it's a meme in this community, but idk it felt like i was seeing it way to much, but i'm not into other esports so i'm not sure if it's a common occurrence.

    If you see this, thank you in advance and sorry for the trouble.

  14. Hey Lawler, love the videos, but I watch a lot of these tournaments a day or two after they happen, so I'm not super thrilled when you spoil tournament results in the video title and thumbnail. Could you please try to avoid doing that for those of us who don't always have the time to watch things live? It would be much appreciated. Other than that, love what you're doing, keep at it 🙂

  15. If game w/l is the same you go by deviding lost rounds / won rounds so
    7/8 > 5/6. Simple as that…
    Not quite sure how alpine is 1:2 with a 7:6 in rounds.

  16. Lawler, for the most part on the subreddit, looked like people realized that G2 lost in every other tiebreaker. The frustration was that IF it resulted in G2 advancing due to a flawed tiebreaker.

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