This camera detects, hacks and takes down drones | CNBC Reports

This camera detects, hacks and takes down drones | CNBC Reports

As drones become more popular so does the need for protection against the devices. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi tests out new anti-drone technology. —– Subscribe to …


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  1. This wouldn’t work on a phantom 4 pro or mavic 2 as they can do automatic flights and return to home if u lose signal to the drone (;

  2. I watxhed full video and. Ill just build my racing drone and get the other kind of sensor and put a laser that blinds theyr laser its simple usual laser targeted at that one or just. Its just fu

  3. it can work only the drones itself produce . Different companies used different IC 's so it should instead target signals should work on blasting battery or capacitors to fail the drone . Interpreting signals is easy work for own produced drones just like copy and master remote . LOL its joke nothing else .For customers giving with less control and master the one need to hack them .

  4. It's interesting. Companies and the government are going to use these things to kill private drones so they can have control of the airspace, probably to sell it to Amazon for delivery drones. Then civilians are going to build jammers to crash delivery drones because they don't like the idea of the government selling our airspace to the highest bidder and making it illegal for American citizens to enjoy the RC hobby as they've done since the early 1970s. IF the government sells the airspace to Amazon, I look forward to seeing them lose their delivery drones.

  5. if this happened to my drone, that nice expensive drone camera would get a super strong laser smashed straight down it's lens to destroy it's sensor 🙂 Cost me money, I'll cost you money.

  6. recreational drones are a lot safer than manned aircraft, no body has been killed or injured from recreational drones, nor have there been any manned aircraft incidents from recreational drones, or should I say, multirotors, over 7 million multirotors in use in the usa, and not one incident from a recreational multirotor, think they are getting a raw deal,

  7. If this works this going to suck if they take the drone to use for their use in a bad way so if you have a drone they take over you cant control it and it disappears then that drone that went missing could be use badly and you name on the drone so you get In trouble you guy every think of the bad in the situation or just think this going for good use because yall should think of both in one go because it could be used for good but it also can be used for bad reasons

  8. I live in NorCal by a bunch of pot farmers and have dragon fly drones now following me most daze. They follow me to my shower then hover out my window when I get dressed. They Follow me to my pool and wait outside outhouse til I’m done. I first noticed them while having sex outside. They came so close to us we saw they were mechanical. We shot at them w/glocks. They zoomed in even closer hovering around my partners head. He got dressed and took off. Shook!!! It’s destroyed my quality of life. They watch my every move. Just bought a pressure washer gonna try taking them down tmrw. Wish me luck. Paint ball gun will be next …..

  9. Listen up! No one owns the airspace, but the FAA, period! States, counties and local municipalities may have their own drone rules and regulations, but they CANNOT go against federal rules and regulations regarding drone usage. Rule of thumb: Know Before You Fly! In my state of Texas, the state has pretty much taken over laying out the rules and regulations of where and when you can fly your drone. It's fairly straight forward to understand. Above all, be responsible! Register your UAS (if it falls under the requirements to do so!). Don't fly over people. Don't fly from a moving vehicle. Don't fly near an airport without proper and appropriate clearance from ATC. Don't fly near any type of ongoing emergency (fires of any type, disaster areas, police emergencies, etc.). Don't fly over sporting events or venues. Don't fly anywhere near a prison. Don't fly around oil, natural gas, or any other type of energy production equipment or facility. Don't fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don't fly near other aircraft that may potentially be in your vicinity. Stay below 400 feet and within visual line of sight of your drone at ALL TIMES. Do your research, and Know Before You Fly!

  10. I have a neighbor has a drone in south bend indiana he miss uses his drone to pop and Tom harass people like me write now there is a army base a mile from my house he files it over the base to stalk me where is my JUSTICE at ??

  11. "Hacked" *Hijacks the signal. Which could easily be countered by encrypting the signal. Cool. I know. And then, you would have to actually hack it. So this isn't illegal, I assume. Least not where I live.

  12. So are you saying that this thing will steal my drone or are you saying that it's not okay to fly an airliner over your home. The big question is who regulates Air Space. Before you buy this system you need to research these questions. Even if a drone is invading your privacy, it doesn't give you the right to steal the drone. The drone pilot may get a citation for some city ordinance violation but you could go to jail for theft of property. Call the police to see whether a violation is actually taking place or not. Air space is a tricky subject. It's more about safety than it is voyeurism. Another good place to start is the FAA. Know the rules. Drones are not allowed to fly over people or put lives in danger. So your complaint should be in the form of a concern for safety. Also, you would really be in trouble if I had been granted permission from the FAA to fly in the area and you stole my drone. Again you cant steal my drone just because it makes you uneasy. Also, you do have an expectation of privacy but you have no idea if my camera is on or I'm just flying over your house on my way to film something in the public domain. My camera may be off. Never assume. Again, if you take control of my drone its the same thing as stealing my property. Don't think that I wont call the police on you and when they give it back to me, I will demand that they do their job and arrest you for stealing my drone. This video is also a CNBC Fake News piece. It's not worth the risk of getting yourself into legal trouble because you saw it on the FAKE NEWS.

  13. Technacly Hacking and controlling somebody's drone is verry illegal so i hope you have all of your bank accounts ready for lawsuits from the public / fcc and faa

  14. I'm more of a laser guy myself. Some industrial CO2 unit will probably burn a drone off the sky in a second. If not, at least it'll rape its camera sensor real good.

  15. small expendable decoy drones can be used to distract this thing till it can be disabled – meanwhile the drone needs to have some autonomous ability to return to home under these conditions. One way the slippery slope of autonomy can get started

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