URGENT!! Bitcoin Breaks Crucial Resistance (Top Support Level Revealed)

URGENT!! Bitcoin Breaks Crucial Resistance (Top Support Level Revealed)

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  1. Shiba receive so much hate that you can tell they feel uncomfortable talking about it no matter how good the coin is doing… incredible 😅

  2. Funny how little people of there level know of what SHIB actually has going on lol. Dex, ecosystem, nfts and game coming in the future.

  3. Great show today guys. I also respect the meme coins, but I’m not speculative enough to invest. I’ll stick with BTC, ETH, MONERO, XRP, and ADA for now.

  4. I’m a rookie in the crypto market. I got in last May of 2021. I bought in to Bitcoin and Ethereum near their highs. I “fomo”ed in. Thankfully, I realized what I had done quickly. I grinned away and got my dollar cost average way down. I bought a variety of coins. Too much of a variety. Another rookie mistake. Yet I’ve since focused on a few in the last 4 months. In early September I hit all time highs and stayed in the profits during the crash. Now that we are starting to see a little bit of a pump, I’m curious to know if I should consider consolidating to focus on some of the more stable projects, or do I work them all while still focusing on the select few or so?

  5. i always follow his suggestions but nowadays I see there is a new PETN token that is also showing good growth if anyone know about PETN please let me know

  6. Not going to lie I hold shib and doge along side my main coins and my shib has profited me nicely over the last two days. As of writing this it is up 271% from my original investment. Yes I have already removed my original cash lol.

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