How Smartphones Sabotage Your Brain's Ability to Focus | WSJ

How Smartphones Sabotage Your Brain's Ability to Focus | WSJ

Our phones give us instant gratification. But there’s a cost: loss of attention and productivity. WSJ’s Daniela Hernandez goes on a quest to understand the …


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  1. The worst part is,that we are living in a society.

    Whatever most people choose to do,WE have to do it too.

    Our lives are dictated by WEAK and AVERAGE people who have no respect for themselves or the world.

    They are corporate PAWNS that are manipulated into a CONSUMER mentality.

    Nothing more but ROBOTS that are brainwashed to CONSUME and SPEND MONEY.

  2. so, what Can I do?
    I can not leave facebook because all my university task and informations are posted in facebook groups.
    when I open facebook app, I start to scroll the feed all the time. I get distracted. I waste huge amout of time.
    after scrolling or browsing or waching videos for large amount of time, I feel stressed. I feel that my whole body is okay to work, but my mind is tired. I dont even want to think about tasks I need to do for.

    I am really struggling.

  3. i turn off ALL of my notifications, i only have msgs, email, and obv calls on. And even then, i always have my phone on silent mode. and if theres a person i text a lot, i mute them lol. it bothers me so much when my phone is constantly turning on to show me notifications.

  4. This is told through the lens of people who can't stop working when they clock out, which they should rectify immediately if they are able to. This problem persists for our whole society though

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