Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Spot the Differences!

Apple Watch Series 7 really just has 1 big upgrade. That shirt! The Moment x MKBHD Watch Band: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Same Marques, I'm not lefthanded but I wear watch on my right hand. Well, not only watch, bracelets too. Just don't like anything to be on my left hand.

  2. Ok that's what I thought, that midnight color deftly has a hue of blue in it, ugh. Holding onto my 6 series for sure. Hopefully Apple adds a proper black in the next one.

  3. I love the way how he deliberately put mistakes in the script to make people comment down below!

    Shit, He just made me comment too didn't he!
    well he's getting all kinda comments! That's.. that's smart! Okeh..!

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