Bitcoin Is Going To 250k: Isaiah Jackson

Bitcoin Is Going To 250k: Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson predicts a bitcoin price point of $250K SoFi is the exclusive partner app of The Best Business Show. Visit for more info and …


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  1. If bitcoin doesn’t break 100k this year I am gonna stop watching all the crypto pump videos…250k impossible for next two months..when I see people expecting 5x in two months I feel like am invested with the wallstreetbet guys, scares me.

  2. Nice video! During the dreadful lockdown I made lots of profit investing with Mrs Theresa Williams, I was able to build a big income stream still hungry for more profits.

  3. <≤Thank you for your videos mate. I watch them and they are meaningful💥and love your content, most people don't understand the concept OF "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their price are down and selling off when the price rise. Holding is great, Trading is far more profitable. I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but I was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market, The market is very unstable and you can not tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are trad! N without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 1.5BTC from 0.4 BTC in just August from implementing trades with tips and info from Evan Derick

  4. If I had a dollar for every single video and article I've read in the past year that says Bitcoin will be over 100,000 not from this site but all sites, I would be a millionaire. 😂

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