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  1. Quality comes with an overprice i'd rather say..ok it's cool,no doubt. But we are talking about a 30x optical zoom (not created yesterday or the day before,but there re prototypes around from the far 1609 when Galileo built the first telescope). Of course engineers adapted it to a gimbal and attached it to a big drone,(stabilized video images are not made yesterday too) and that has cost.. then there is the drone which separeted parts costs (if want to build it at home,depends on what drone you like) no more than a 5/600$,but if you let build&assemble most parts in China, promoting once more their economy and workers probably while all western cultures are complaining about the loss of jobs, it could cost even half the price… Of course there're resellers,plus the name,plus warranty,plus they want to sell to professionals photographers,and Dji employees and i understand that totally,but not a decupled price with even a single China piece inside… it is cool,no doubt,but as a patriot i just buy full European and North American made if it's a big deal,for the trinkets there's the asian made.. my opinion

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