EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!! BITCOIN IS DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!! BITCOIN IS DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitcoin is finally doing it! I am shaking! The bitcoin daily candles are crazy! Bitcoin is breaking out! Bitcoin pump!! Bitcoin is pumping! GET $3’955 FREE!


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  1. Don't do it again a video like this! I am feeling dizzy and on top of that I couldn't read any number. So confusing and annoying. Chris, back to your style where everything is transparent. As always!

  2. i like the video chris but there was a lot of shaking man it wasnt as good to view as normal ,, not sure if its that new chair of yours that you were sitting on that made it more shaky lol

  3. Thanks ~<>_for the commenting don’t forget to hit the subscription button and notification bell 🔔 ➕ ①=⑥=⓪=⑨=③=⑦=⑨=③=①=⑥=⑤ wtssap 📩📩🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  4. Hi Chris , nice set up with the screens. Very good for the content of course. By the way, Catalina Tech is also in Dubai nowm maybe you can do a video together. Can we have a live video on weekly closure next sunday? And another question is, I see that your trading style you dont use RSI, or Macd or CCI… any particular reasons? I see that Davinci and Stock Guru do use a little bit. Very interesting always your content. I loved when you interviewed Michael Saylor. Would be great to have a new interview. Thanks for all the content.

  5. There’s nooo volume candles. Money wave on market cipher daily is gone . Greater probability of price going down in my option.

  6. Bitcoin reward halving supply shock on its way, ‘second wave’ rally moving faster into play …..🌎…..🛸..🛸

    2012 and 2016 halvings preceded the exponential ‘double bubble’ 2013 and 2017 price surges!

    Congratulations on Litecoin 10 anniversary. 100 💯 per cent uptime, zero downtime.

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