Nokia 3310 (2017) review: A week with Nokia nostalgia

The new Nokia 3310 set the internet ablaze when it was announced back in February at MWC 2017, but will anyone actually buy this and use it as their main …


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  1. This review is completely off for anyone over 30 years of age. 5/7 topics are irrelevant for the product you are review (those are: Browsing, App Store, Camera, Entertainment, General UX). This phone is for calling or picking up calls from. You may use it a bit for texting using the T9.

    However from your much younger perspective to someone below 30 years of age, the review is correct 🙂

  2. And you have compared it literally with Smartphones, give me a break, this is a brick phone, for calls, you should have focused on how it is helping you to stay in contact with people using its major feature "phone" … And Shame you didn't even cover the signal strength…

  3. Did you not have any idea what this phone is for? WHY would you be expecting a cheap feature phone to have the same functionality or quality as a smart phone?

  4. This is not a useful review. It's not a smartphone, so why compare it to one? This is for someone who doesn't want a smartphone. Hell phone plans for this can be as cheap as $10-$15 a month in the US.

  5. Great video. I am going to buy this. I have never found smartphones useful and will never use them other than for calling and texting. The reason you had trouble with using your existing phone plan on this was the Nokia 3310 3G is a GSM phone and your provider is a CDMA network. Much of the UK may still use CDMA networks. I am Canadian and in Canada and the United States, we use GSM networks mainly. Though a couple of carriers in the USA may still use CDMA networks.

  6. I have a 3310 the alarm is terrible you have to go to music to choose a certain alarm song and it doesn't play it for long only for few sec until it stops along with mp3 you cant do anything but playing and stopping them and you can't unlock your phone if you had a phone call if you put a password so you cant change the volume up or down phone numbers pop on the main screen even if you locked it and disabled the notifications without mentioning the terribly slow internet surfing and the YouTube that always fails plus the Facebook app doesn't work you have to open it from Google it also work on 2g so not very good service and notes doesn't take much letters so you have to make more than one or two to write what you want so yeah it is not worth it ,get a nokia 3330 for 10 £ its better as a backup phone and cheaper than the 3310 old.

  7. This dude has got to be the worst reviewer on techradar. The phone was NOT designed to be a smart phone, nor to kill it, nor to emulate it. It was designed for people who want to limit their smartphone use. Buying it expecting a full smartphone experience is not gonna work out for you.

  8. I still use mine, its indescribable to say how nice it is to "switch off" the bombardment of social media and be able to look where Im going without bumping into people, yet still contactable if needed.

  9. Why are u talking like a van racing a WRX. It's a phone designed to be basic. People be thinking oh when is the screen going to be bigger…… that's when we said goodbye to these phones years ago. We want to go back. Back when life was less distracting. Lol. But I recon u were interesting…U would do a good travel show

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