Supercars Accelerating, CRAZY SOUNDS – Aventador SVJ, LaFerrari, 812 Superfast,…

Supercars on the streets – Hi all welcome back to the channel and welcome to another video full of supercar accelerations!

This week’s upload schedule contains 2 videos, the videos will go live at 2PM GMT on Monday and Friday.

Even more accelerations in this video, many Lamborghini Aventadors but also some amazing exhaust sounds from Ferrari, even a Koenigsegg One:1!

Many more flashbacks coming your way so make sure you have the notifications turned on.

I hope you enjoy the video, stay safe!

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Performante
Ferrari 445, F12 ARMYTRIX, 812 Superfast
Koenigsegg One:1
Ferrari Laferrari

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  1. Always the same, doing this on an open road is fun and it's normal supercars owners can have fun , but doing it in the middle of the city, annoying everyone around and accelerating like tard in the trafic to full break 50m later…that s just retarded. Too bad money can't buy ppl a brain

  2. Well the building being close only make for a better sound. If you stick my motorbike in a multi storey carpark it sounds much better. Before i get slatted im not a kill joy. But the first car there was a zebra crossing and people wanting to cross

  3. Man, you're great. You showed me something which I was missing in the lockdown. And now I am again exited. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH SIR. GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU 😊😊😊👌👌👌

  4. When i was young this cars fascinating me.. But now? Nothing special.. Its just a car.. 4 wheels and adult Kids behind bars… This csrs belong to race track not in streets..

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