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  1. Just get Linux. It's much better than windows 10 and 11. For beginners go and get Pop os it's easy to use once you install it.

  2. If you have an AMD CPU then you might hold off on upgrading… AMD themselves have warned that you lose about 15% performance in games with Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 because of how Win11 uses the CPUs cache. Funny how Microsoft so often seem to forget to optimize for AMD, it's almost as if they are in bed with Intel…

  3. Serously, that logo is kinda lazy and boring compared to its predecessors.

    But overall the design o the UI makes me feel like I'm using an debian OS or other similar GUI Linux OS.

  4. This review didn't mention the barriers imposed by the system requirements, most notably, the need for a TPM. A lot of newer machines won't be able to get the install without upgrading or finicking with a loophole.

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