10 Cheapest Electric Cars Priced Below Tesla Vehicles in 2020 (Comparison of Specifications)

According to our research all of the introductions within the affordable electric cars segment have already taken place, so it is time to release the 2020 model year digest about the cheapest EVs! As usual we will be covering the most important specifications, including ranges, prices and performance parameters. Spoiler alert, Tesla Model 3 did not make the cut this year, just imagine it, it is pricier than the 10 models we have discovered for you!

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All cars that were shown in this episode of #ATelectriccars:

Renault Zoe: media.group.renault.com/global/en-gb/groupe-renault/media/presspacks/21227905/nouvelle-renault-zoe-le-plaisir-de-rouler-100-electrique-prend-une-nouvelle-dimension

In 2020 yet another upgrade is coming, boosting the battery capacity to 52 kWh and improving the one charge distance to around 225 miles. However, the Zoe 50’s reveal should be overlooked by the buyers who are looking for the most affordable compact electric mini.

Peugeot e208: peugeot.co.uk/showroom/new-208/e-208

2020 Peugeot e208 sits on the brand’s new generation Common Modular Platform, that is shared between several electric and gasoline PSA models, including Opel Corsa and Corsa-E, DS3 Crossback, new Peugeot 208, and the upcoming Peugeot e2008.

Skoda CitiGo e-iV: skoda-storyboard.com/en/press-releases/world-premieres-in-bratislava-skoda-presents-e-mobility-sub-brand-iv-as-well-as-citigoe-iv-and-superb-iv and SEAT Mii Electric: seat.com/company/news/cars/mii-electric-unveil.html

Since both Skoda and SEAT belong to the Volkswagen Group, the electric minis from these brands Citigo e-iV and Seat Mii Electric share their characteristics with the parent company’s second-generation VW eUp!

Honda E: honda.co.uk/cars/new/coming-soon/urban-ev/overview.html

This lovable hatchback from Honda has been received rather favorably by critics and prospective buyers alike, since its debut in a concept form in 2017. Now, 2020 Honda E is finally production ready and set to start deliveries to the customers in summer 2020.

Nissan Leaf: nissanusa.com/electric-cars/leaf-2019/?pth=9

Though the old Leaf had already proven to be one of the most popular EVs on the market, the arrival of the seconds generation model in 2017 has solidified its position, bringing the total global sales number to 400,000 units in 2019.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric: hyundaiusa.com/ioniq-electric

Though its sales are still restricted to California, the Ioniq Electric is among the few affordable electric models that you can actually buy in the US, and in 2020, the 3-year-old hatch arrives with a mid-cycle facelift.

Kia Soul: kia.com/us/en/soul

Though visibly revised on the outside, the new generation Soul EV retained its funky looks, but entered the 2020 model year as a much more solid electric car. Undoubtedly, the major upgrade is the new 64 kWh battery that provides243 miles of uninterrupted driving.

VW ID3: volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/production-of-id3-at-zwickau-plant-to-start-in-november-5322

During the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the German automaker has revealed the final version of long-awaited people’s electric car. 2020 VW I.D. 3 is built on the all-new MEB platform, which is produced according to the eco-friendly standards and is expected to power dozens company cars and SUVs over the next few years.

Mini Cooper SE: mini.co.uk/en_GB/home/range/mini-electric.html

2020 Mini Cooper SE is the first electric car by Mini that has been initially conceived more than a decade ago, and is now scheduled to arrive to the market in March 2020. Since opening for pre-order, the model has accumulated for the 45,000 of them.

Renault K-ZE: media.group.renault.com/global/en-gb/groupe-renault/media/pressreleases/21224204/groupe-renault-au-salon-automobile-de-shanghai-2019-premiere-mondiale-de-renault-city-k-ze

2020 Renault K-ZE is a subcompact crossover-like EV that will debut in China in 2019-2020. The model will be available in three modifications, offering 110 miles of real-world range and a max speed of 65 mph.

VW eUP! Gen 2: volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/e-up-for-everyone-new-generation-of-the-electric-e-up-with-a-long-range-to-be-launched-at-a-low-price-5318

The debut of the second generation eUp was overshadowed by all the media buzz that surrounds the new ID3, but it is actually an interesting model that served as the face of the electric city commute for many years. Virtually unchanged on the outside, the newcomer becomes better where it truly matters.


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  1. It's a bit disingenuous to include a Chinese sticker price there. While the car is coming to the west, it definitely won't be for that price. There are quite a few cars under 10k in China and none of them have managed to go for anywhere near the Chinese price in the west. The cheapest EV now is the Kandi K27 which you can get in the US for ~$10,000 after federal tax credits.

  2. Affordable>??? A small hatchback at 40K and above isn't affordable to me. I can buy a small Chevy Sonic or Nissan Versa for just under 20K. How long until I spend 20K in gas and oil changes??? I bought a 2014 TDI Jetta for 10K and it gets 50 MPG on Diesel fuel. EVs are still too costly. Pay double the money in order to save fuel and fluid changes. Makes no sense in this point in time.

  3. Too bad they are all ugly cars. I wouldn't buy any of them. The Chinese have better looking cars with better range, technology and comfort. A complete package. European and Japanese manufacturers design square boxes on wheels powered by 10 AA bateries. There is a lack of infrastructure for recharging in most European countries and it takes half a day to recharge them.

  4. The narrator needs type Peugeot into google translate and listen how it’s pronounced it’s not pass yoh that’s the most retarded enunciation of it I have ever heard

  5. biggest lie they are feeding as these electric vehicles use up all worlds recourses cause cancer, produce more co2 to manufacture than using a petrol car for its life time, will take tonnes of co2 to recycle batteries and make countries build loads of nuclear power stations sounds like climate disaster.

  6. This was a good insight into the cheapest EV's. Unfortunately with the ongoing pandemic of covid it has delayed its official introduction to southern Africa. But we hope as soon as we are able to resume trade, it qould be great to consider the 10 you have mentioned and bring a selected few as demos.

  7. How many car’s are under production and when it will be starting their sales. How many orders have been placed ? Have they got their battery pack or who will be supplying the batteries.

  8. You cant buy a VOLKSWAGEN nowadayz after all EVIL they did to the world. Ya, they even receive money from the german government because THEY ARE AN GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED COMPANY – The German state even holds 20 % of VW. Is that a fair market competition – no it isn´t ! Imagine the U.S. Govenrnment supports TESLA by using American Taxes ??? Not good ?? Right !!!

  9. The problem at the lower end of the EV market is that either you end up renting the battery (like with the Renault cars) or end up with a car that has terrible range. As someone who does pizza deliveries the small city car format makes a lot of sense to me. The thing that puts me off most is that they have less than 100 mile range on most of the models. When you bring the figures into the real world (factoring heating and other factors not in the base testing) you would probably end up around the 70 mile range which I can do more than in a single shift. When you add to the fact that when a football game is on the street I live on ends up getting used as a car park meaning that I can't always park outside of my house and you can see the issue I have with low range EV's.

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